Religious holidays

Privlaka offers a wide variety of cultural and entertaining summer manifestations.

In Privlaka, every year there are several religious holiday celebrations traditionally taking place. The St. Vitus Day is celebrated on 15th June of every year, when a mass is held in the small church together with a pilgrimage. St. Vitus is celebrated as the patron saint of apothecaries, caterers, winegrowers, dancers and actors. People of poor hearing and sight also pray to him. The celebration of the Nativity of Our Lady takes place on 8th September of every year when the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated. The Nativity of Our Lady is the celebration of the patron saint of the town. The believers form a festive procession with a statue of Mary, singing and passing through the town proudly glorifying their patron saint. Honouring this holiday, a brass band passes also through the town, while the Privlaka hospitality industry organises an evening event in their facilities. The feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated on 6th December with a traditional procession to the chapel. The chapel is devoted to the Privlaka sailors and seafarers. Then, the Privlaka seamen honour their deceased colleagues by throwing a wreath into the sea.

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