You won't spend too much time looking for a perfect spot for swimming and bathing - wherever you look there lies a beautiful and alluring sandy cove.

Mostina Beach

A sandy beach, suitable for families with small children, where you will most certainly enjoy the clean sea and games in the sand. The beach has showers, changing rooms as well as eco toilets. It also has access to the sea for the handicapped. The curative black mud and clean air of the Mostina beach are good in treating rheum and arthritis.

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Selo Beach

You should most certainly visit one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Privlaka, the Selo Beach. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the small port and the old centre of the town.

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Škrapavac – Bilotinjak Beach

Take a stroll in the southeastern part of Privlaka where there are most beautiful long sandy coves. On the northern side, you will be protected from the strong bora wind by high and steep hills, whereas from the southern side you will be touched by a pleasant and mild Mistral wind. The sea is clear and shallow and is ideal for children and non-swimmers. The beach has showers and there is also a small aqua park there.

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Sabunike Beach

If you are an adventurist and look for adrenalin, come to Sabunike, a beach offering you an unforgettable windsurfing and paragliding experience. Because of a strong wind, the bora blowing from Velebit, you will glide with ease. After Bol on the island of Brač, Sabunike are the next most famous surfer’s destination in Croatia. Come and sail with us into a new adventure!

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Vrilo Beach

The Vrilo Beach is a sandy beach ideal for bathing, sunbathing and entertainment thus being great for families with children. Research the beach adorned with crystal clear sea and pristine nature.

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Pliša Beach

This is a most beautiful sandy beach ideal for a family vacation and bathing with small children. If you have not visited this beach yet, visit it and provide your family with unforgettable moments in playing picigin, relaxing in the shallow sea and playing in the sand building inspired castles with romantic towers.

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Punta Beach

Along the coast, there is the natural stony beach extending, the Punta beach. This place provides a peaceful rest in the nature and you can also enjoy playing beach volleyball and playing at the children’s playground. In the evening hours, from this westernmost point of Dalmatia, you can have a unique view of a most beautiful sunset.

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Dog Beach

The dog beach is at the Kažin site near the Vir bridge. The beach is over one hundred meters long and is appropriately fenced. There is a parking lot as well as an access road.

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