Privlaka through the seasons

All seasons in Privlaka are beautiful and unique in their own way.

Apart from enjoying the warm sea and the hours of sunshine of which there are more than 2540 annually, the summer is the ideal season for recreation but also for treatments with natural and curative black mud - peloid. If you have already experienced the bustle of summer nights, the mild Mistral and visited cultural events, come during the autumn again. We then joyfully go for seasonal squid hunting, known as kosavica, enjoy the culinary delicacies, produce domestic wine, brandy and olive oil. Experience Advent with us and the holiday magic of the Christmas Fair. Apart from the colourful carnival and the masked parade, in the second half of the year, when the cold and dry wind blows from Velebit - bora, you can join us in colouring eggs and creating Easter decorations. Feel the cordial welcome throughout the year and experience the domestic atmosphere during the most varied of occasions!

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