Westernmost land point of Dalmatia – Cape Artić

Enjoy the beautiful sunset observed from the westernmost point in Dalmatia.

(Unforgettable sunsets, Cape Artić)

It is known far and wide that Alfred Hitchcock, the famous film director, in 1964 said that Zadar had the most beautiful sunset in the world. One such sunset is can be seen from the westernmost point of land in Dalmatia, from a land cape known as Cape Artić. The sunset observed from that point is indescribable indeed. This is a daily but unrepeatable play of nature in colours, forms, reflections and shadows, embraced with the scent of pines and cries of sea gulls. Guided by the whisper of the coastal footpath, look for Cape Artić and discover the secret of internal peace and joy of the indescribably beautiful nature.

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