The legend of Sokolar turned into water

The fairy Prislavka and the god Proteus had two sons, Sokolar and Novak. Sokolar fell deeply in love with Jagica and his love was reciprocated. Jagica’s best friend, a girl named Ružica, decided to win Sokolar for herself. She poisoned Jagica and the girl died. Venus, goddess of love, transformed Jagica into a strawberry. Sokolar watered the strawberry with his tears and remained inconsolable despite his mother’s earnest promises to find him the most beautiful and gentle love. The boy, overcome with sadness and pain, turned into water while lying in his mother’s lap. This water is still called Sokolar in his honour (one of the Privlaka water wells).

Petar Zoranić, “Mountains” (“Planine”) – The Legend of Transformation of Sokolar into Water and Jagica and Ružica into Flowers

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