Hystory and cultural heritage

The first written record of Privlaka dating back to 1296 mentions Privlaka as a winegrowing village. For generations Privlaka has been closely connected to the sea, navigation and fishing.

There are a number of ancient Christian monuments which are surrounded by fields under cultivation and unspoilt nature. Important sites dating back to the 14th century include the ruins of the Church of Saint Catherine and the Church of Saint Vitus, the patron saint of pharmacists, dancers and actors. The latter church is entirely preserved and holy mass is still held there today in June to celebrate the patron’s day. You can also visit the Church of Saint Barbara built during the Croatian War of Independence and the Parish Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary dating from the 19 century. This church is one of the most beautiful examples of classicism in architecture throughout Dalmatia.

In addition to its sacred sights, Privlaka has also preserved its water wells, once sources of water and life that bear witness to the hard life of peasants and fishermen and that hold many stories and secrets. Today twelve water wells are preserved, of which the most popular is the Sokolar’s well with its famous legend.


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