The legend of Dražnik, Novak and Prislavka (Privlaka)

The fairies Prislavka and Primorka were sisters. Novak, the son of Prislavka and the brother of Sokolar, went hunting with his cousin and Primorka’s son Dražnik. The hunt fairies Mare and Jela spotted the young men in the woods and immediately fell in love with them. Their love was reciprocated, Novak fell in love with Mara and Dražnik fell in love with Jela. When Diana, the hunt goddess, found about their love, she became furious with the fairies and killed them. As an example to others, she turned Mara into water and Jela into a tree. The death of his loved one made Novak cry into his mother’s lap so much that even he, like his brother Sokolar, turned into water. This water (one of the Privlaka water wells) is still named after him. His mother Prislavka died of sadness and the village that is home to her tomb is named Privlaka after her. Proteus, the god of the sea and Prislavka’s husband, stricken by this harsh fate, still embraces his beloved Prislavka.

Petar Zoranić, “Mountains” (“Planine”) – The Legend on How Dražnik and Novak Were Transformed into Water, Mara into a Spring, Jela into a Wood and of the Transformation of Privlaka

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