Religious holidays

Several religious holidays have been traditionally celebrated in Privlaka each year.

Saint Vitus' day is celebrated on 15 June with people gathering for a procession and holy mass in the church. He is the patron saint of pharmacists, innkeepers, wine-growers, dancers and actors. People with visual and hearing impairments also seek his protection.

The Nativity of the Virgin Mary is traditionally celebrated on 8 September as the birthday of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of the village.
Believers form a procession with the statue of the Virgin Mary and pass through the village singing and celebrating their patron. A brass band is also a part of this celebration and Privlaka's caterers organise special evening events in their restaurants.

Saint Nicholas’ feast day is celebrated on 6 December with a traditional procession to the chapel devoted to Privlaka’s sailors and seamen. On this day, the sailors of Privlaka honour their lost colleagues by casting a wreath into the sea

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